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"Amazing, a horrifying read! Can't wait til issue number 2!"
 -Duke Lancaster

"I remember the house when I was a little kid. now it is a comic book!"
-Roy Thomas

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Silver Phoenix Publishing
Charles D. Moisant and the crew at Silver Phoenix strive to bring you the best in graphic storytelling.  From comics to trading cards, educational titles to gothic horror, Silver Phoenix is blazing new trails in the world of independent publishing.

Wayne Sealy's Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre
is the flagship of the Silver Phoenix portfolio, bringing the fright-filled fun of the infamous Wayne Sealy’s Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska to the printed page. Issues #1 and #2 are out now, with #3 out in January 2007.  Indeed. 2007 looks to be a busy year around the ol' Manor, with four more issues in the works, including a special Clown War issue - and even one featuring the escapades of Dr. Wayne Zarvin, the Manor's resident mad scientist!

Coming Soon: Inner Core trading cards collector set
Inner Corps (Animated Series)

Educational, Entertaining and based on real science, Inner Corps dramatizes the human body's struggle against disease. Depicting the battle between the antibodies of immune system (the Inner Corps) and the invading forces of disease, Inner Corp is an animated super hero tale developed my top-notch artists and medical professionals.

Inner Corps is currently in pre-production.


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