About Silver Phoenix Entertainment
From deep inside the seedy underbelly of the independent comics scene comes the Silver Phoenix Crew…
a rag-tag band of bloodthirsty, pencil-wielding maniacs lead by the Shatneresque visionary, Charles D. Moisant. Moisant’s mission – to lead a crusade in the name of righteous storytelling and to present pugnacious parables to the graphic gourmand.

Publisher Charles D. Moisant
Charles D. Moisant
, is a comic book artist, writer, and the creative director of Silver Phoenix Entertainment (a 100% female owned company). Charles has been publishing comic books since 1991, starting with Kremin. Silver Phoenix Entertainment works with many artists, printing comic titles like Myth Told Tales by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye, Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre, and Whispers from the Void. Charles is also known for his Roller Derby Drama, which is loosely based on the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Team. Charles can usually be found on his roller skates at Silver Phoenix Entertainment promoting some of the newer titles such as 'Whispers from The Void' where all monsters are reflections of the Seven Deadly Sins. Philo Barnhart is drawing the second issue. Some of his works currently in production include 'Zombie Annihilation’, where Doctor Zarvin is working with local heroes from Chicago to save the world from zombies; 'Danni and Dayna in Dino World' in which two Woman: IDA DANNI, a modern day military refueling pilot, and Dayna Onli, an African-American woman from Chicago 1902, are trapped 65 million years ago. Working against them are intelligent dinosaurs, lizard people, and the Atlantians a space-faring race who are stealing the world’s only major resource: Magik; and 'Thunder World' a story about three giant robots and a giant monster learning how to work with each other and saving the world, which is being written by him and Doug Rice of Dynamo Joe. His lates title is the History of Police of American™

Charles currently operates out of Silver Phoenix World Headquarters at a secret location in the greater Chicagoland area, preparing for a D-Day style, full frontal assault on the comic industry.

Silver Phoenix Entertainment Contributors

Philo Barnhart
Philo Barnhart Born of Dale Barnhart and Phyllis Barnhart.was considered a Disney brat.  Philo's hand has touched many, many animated TV shows and feature films.

have you heard of Super Friends? He work on that. Star Trek the Motion picture? He work on that. Smurf, Jem and the holograms, Space Ace, Dragons lair? The 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo. YES HE WORK ON ALL OF THEM!  we could spend hours listing more titles and the answer would be"HE WORKED ON THAT!"

A couple of his crowning jewels are The Secret OF NIMH character key assistant and The Little Mermaid (character designer) / (character key). He also worked on Consumer Products for several years with Disney you can still find his artwork to this day still being used on toys, books, home electronics/appliances, apparel and posters!

Currently Philo is working with Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc.
His Latest title is WHISPERS FROM THE VOID!™

Often he can be seen trapped with the Wanna Be Master of Horror Charles D. Moisant at conventions.

Check out his facebook art page.

 2013 to Present Whispers From the VOID Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc. (Illustrator, Character Design. Layout.)
 2014 Punkin's Imagination, (Story Boards)
 2010-2014 Milwaukee Institute Of Art And Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Instructor of Traditional 2D Animation techniques.)
 2008-2013 Miracle In The Meadows, Tom Hignite Studios (character design, layout, animation.)
 1995-2003 Disney Consumer Products (Senior staff Artist)
 1995 The Tale of Tillie's Dragon (Short) (additional layout artist) 
1991 Beauty and the Beast (key assistant animator: Gaston, Lefou, Lumiere, Footstool, Wardrobe - uncredited)
 1984 Dragon's Lair II: Timewarp (Video Game) (key assistant animator)

 1990 The Rescuers Down Under (character key)
 1997 Happily Ever After (animator) / (key assistant animator) / (model designer)
 1990 Roller Coaster Rabbit (Short) (assistant animator)
 1989 The Little Mermaid (character designer) / (character key)
 1987 Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night (key assistant animator)
 1986 An American Tail (key assistant animator - uncredited)
 1985 Galtar and the Golden Lance (TV Series) (character designer - 1985-1986)
 1985 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo. (character designer)
 1984-1985 The Smurfs (TV Series) (character designer - 50 episodes)
 1985 The Black Cauldron (assistant animator)
 1983 Space Ace (Video Game) (key assistant animator)
 1983 Dragon's Lair (Video Game) (key assistant animator)
 1983 Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore (Short) (key assistant animator)
 1983 Heidi's Song (assistant animator)
 1982 The Secret of NIMH (character key assistant)
 1979-1980 ABC Weekend Specials (TV Series) (assistant animator - 4 episodes)
- The Trouble with Miss Switch (1980) ... (assistant animator)
- The Puppy's Amazing Rescue (1980) ... (assistant animator)
- The Incredible Detectives (1979) ... (assistant animator)
- The Puppy's Great Adventure (1979) ... (assistant animator)
  1979 The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show (TV Series) (assistant animator - 1979)
  1979 Star Trek The Motion Picture (Special Effects Animation Assistant - uncredited)

He will do panels on Star Trek, Mermaid, NYMH, How to Draw ect.
1 Cover Transport, 2 Cover Hotel, 3 Bring Charles, 4 Cover FOOD.

Andrew Mitchell Kudelka has been an illustrator in the graphic design, comic and fantasy fields since the mid 80s.  Eventually he settled into the video game industry and has been involved there since 2000. He is currently housed at EA Chicago (Fight Night Round 3 and soon to be released Def Jam 3).

Andrew's Fave List:
Favorite film directors include: Wim Wenders, Akira Korusawa, Zhang Yimou & Pedro Almodovar. Some favorite authors: Paolo Coelho, Carlos Castaneda, Umberto Eco, Stanislaw Lem & Jorge Luis Borges. Some favorite musicians: Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Bono, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Underworld, Kevin Yost, Mozart & Bernard Herman. Some favorite comic creators: Dave Sim, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Daniel Clowes & Art Spiegelman.

Blair Gauntt is a graphics designer and figurative abstract painter. A fan of comics for many years, he has only recently begun to color, letter and write stories for Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre. If his recent work with us is any indication as to things to come, we're expecting great work from him!

Rich Dana is a writer, artist, and middle-aged comic geek. He is co-owner of FERAL! - Iowa City, Iowa's epicenter for outsider art, underground comix and kustom kulture.

Cynthia Martin
Cynthia Martin has worked in comics and animation since 1983. Her credits include Star Wars, Spiderman and Wonder Woman for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, in addition to work as a storyboard artist for Sony Children's Entertainment and the Krislin Company. Current projects include books for ABDO Publications and the graphic novel Shadowflight.

a BRIAN K. MORRIS is a prolific full time freelance writer and independent publisher.  His novels run the gamut from contemporary fantasy (Conflict, Bloodshot: The Coldest Warrior, Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion, The Original Skyman Battles the Master of Steam) to horror/humor (Santastein).  He is also a writer/editor for Silver Phoenix Entertainment on The History of the Police in America and The Haunted Tales of Bachelor's Grove as well as the chief scripter for the adventures of real life gothic horror illusionist Master Ron Fitzgerald and Kadrolsha Ona, The Queen of the Paranormal.  He lives in central Indiana with his wife, no children, no pets, and too many comic books.

Michael "Doc" Reidy Born in Montreal Quebec in '55. He's the 'old man' of the staff. Roamed the streets and alleys of Chicago as a kid, joined the military, hitchhiked, found a beautiful wife (she found him), settled-in, had three kids, bought a house so forth and so on. He has made a living in the art field over the last twenty years and still loves the comics medium.

Kadrolsha Ona Carol
Queen of The Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona Carole is a Pop Culture Icon, Author, Radio , TV personally, Part of the Exorcist Legacy, Humanitarian & 5X Paranormal Awards Winner has made her mark with her vast expertise hunting for ghosts with members of popular TV show such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International & Ghost Hunters Academy and Haunted Collectors to name a few. She was represented by Ideal Event Management for 5 years along with the cast members of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International and Haunted Collectors. Kadrolsha Ona Carole is considered one of the best in the paranormal field with over 40 years experience. Kadrolsha Ona Carole has made comic book history by becoming the first person to be a comic book Super Hero doing what she does in real life. Comic historian Brian Morris plus Comic book publication owner Charles Moisant of Silver Phoenix Entertainment with museum curator, historical researcher & film producer Terri Harlow along with historical paranormal documentary researcher D. Perkins all confirm Kadrolsha Ona Carole is the first in comic book history to be a comic book Super Hero doing what she does in real life. She is the real deal of Comic Book Super Heroes!

John Leach
John Leach has been keeping his day job for the last 17 years at a major law firm (cannot be named due to antsy administrators) and has been scribbling down his stories, verses and random unsavory thoughts on napkins, paperbags and children's placemats at Denny's during his frequent stretches of alcohol fueled dementia and his occasional moments of clarity.

After disapearing for 20 years, somewhere between Los Angeles, Chicago and a madman's dream, John googled the name "Charles Moisant", a former classmate from animation class in college, and discovered that his old schoolroom chum was alive, breathing, and publishing comic books. With Charles's generous help, John can now hold a pen again, hold his bladder, and has discovered the importance of wearing pants. Though John's prose in Mystery Manor is drenched in disturbing and lurid subject matter, his screenplays, children's books and musicals he's written over the years are also disturbing and lurid. If anyone has a buck fifty to invest in a musical he will gladly accept your donations.

John currently resides on the North side of Chicago with his girlfriend, dead beat brother, insane dog and the anguished spirit of his recently deceased cat Peckerwood. If anyone can find an exorcist to purge the spirit of his dead cat as well as his dead beat brother please call 1-800-555-help!



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