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Created by
Charles D Moisant

Developed by and written by
Sherrill Bodine,
Laurie DeMarino, Rosemary Paulas, Patricia Rosemoor.

Issue Number Three
Mystery Manor
Haunted Theatre
Issue Number 3

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Issue Number Two
Mystery Manor
Haunted Theatre
Issue Number 2

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Issue Number One

Mystery Manor
Haunted Theatre
Issue Number 1

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The History of Police in America

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Two New Titles under production!

Elizabeth Bathory

RDD alt cover Cyntha Martin


Zombie Annihilation 2

ZA Robert Brown cover



Chicago has a big problem... Zombies! Can the Mad Doctor Zarvin stop them? 15000 copies will be given away for free at the haunt! HELP

Our Village
(history of Oak Park)™


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Welcome to Silver Phoenix Entertainment


Showcasing a stable of exceptional new talent, Silver Phoenix Entertainment is rocking the world of comics with a blend of cutting edge graphic storytelling and old school gothic horror. With upcoming projects ranging from educational to the macabre, Silver Phoenix offers quality illustrated entertainment for audiences of all ages.

In addition to comics, Silver Phoenix is developing a a new breed of trading cards, so check the Silver Phoenix website regularly for the latest titles and products from this hot new name in the indie publishing world!


Philo Barnhart
Silver Phoenix would like to welcom formar Disney artist Philo Barnhart he is know for many many animated tv and movies IMDb

Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc. is now developing Three new titles.

The Haunting Tales of Batchlers Grove™ A Supernatural romantic adventure story written by Team Monster aka Sherrill Bodine, Laurie DeMarino, Rosemary Paulas, Patricia Rosemoor! Cover by Vincent Proce.

Wispers From the Void™ A Supernatural romantic adventure story written by Team Monster aka Sherrill Bodine, Laurie DeMarino, Rosemary Paulas, Patricia Rosemoor! Cover by Vincent Proce. Drawn by Philo Barnhart and Todd Borenstein

Roller Derby Drama™ Imagine a world where All Roller Derby Girls Have Fantastic powers that Match their Creative and Somtimes Crazy Names. the series is being written by Jasper Barks and Drawn by Cynthia Martin.



In Celebraton of Mystery Manor's 25 Season. Silver Phoenix. is going to change the MYSTERY MANOR title. It is going to become a graphic novel the entire eight chapters of Nightmare Begins will be included in it. 110 pages of horror. We then plan to release MMHT as a Graphic Novel with themed stories... Zombies, Vampires and other monsters.

Silver Phoenix together with the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Team is devleoping a Set of trading cards!
"It is sure to knock your teath out!"

To date Silver Phoenix Entertainment Inc. has help www.HDWALK.org to raise close to $300,000.00 for charity!

Dragon Con in Atlanta GA, was fantast

THANK YOU COFFEE SHOP OF HORRORS FOR SHARING your BOOTH With the craziest man in comcis and his loving 73 year old mother and owner of SPE!!

We at Silver Phoenix offer our condolences to the family, friends and fans of Robert Asprin (1946-2008) he will be missed.

Starting next month SPE will start working on several animated projects, more to follow!

Under the Knife! Charles had several benign tumors removed. "Six in total" When it was all over Charles felt he should change is last name to Roast. Why we asked? "Because now I am carved up like a Chuck Roast" Charles said. Charles video taped the surgery and hopes to put it on youtube.com

New Projects

En-Go-Lang: A new trading card game...More information later.

Out Now!
From the twisted imaginations at Silver Phoenix comes the latest installment of "Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre", packed full of terrifying tales that harken back to the golden era of EC horror!

Now coming out bi-monthly, this expanded 40 page issue contains the third story in the horrific history of the Manor with "The Nightmare Continues", featuring artwork by Mark "The Kid" Kidwell. The origins of Seamus the firebug are finally exposed in MM#3, and this issue includes a special holiday visit from a medieval Christmas creature in "Krampusnacht", the story of a boy, a girl, and a cloven hoofed, soul stealing demon! This issue also includes work by "Doc" Reidy and Chris Moreno, along with a host of Mystery Manor maniacs.

With strong sales of nearly 20,000 issues of Mystery Manor #1, Silver Phoenix is setting out to not only entertain readers, but to raise funds to benefit people suffering from Huntington's Disease. Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a neurological disorder effecting over 30,000 people in the United States. Siblings and children of those people have a 50% risk of developing this disease. Silver Phoenix plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from MM#3 to the Huntington's Disease Society of America. In addition, the sale of Silver Phoenix products also supports Anime Central and it's parent non-profit group, the Midwest Animation Promotion Society.

Mystery Manor gets bigger and better with each issue, so don't miss the latest in the series - this issue is sure to become a classic in the horror genre!




A new book is in production
Roller Derby Drama™

Created by Charles D. Moisant Written by
Jasper Barks

Art by

Cynthia Martin

Issue one should be out in 2013!

Issue Number One
Myth-Told Tales
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Myth-Told Tales

issue Number One

Skeeve faces competing mages and irate stage mothers to provide magickal protection for his lovely assistant, Bunny, on her most dangerous mission ever. It's an interdimensional beauty contest that has attracted devious dames and demons from all the universes! Never has the young wizard faced more desperate foes.

Story by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye. *Adapted by Michael Gabriel. Art by Phil Moy and Andrew Kudelka.



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